Windows 11

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YES: The drivers are ready and available
***/2022: Driver will be released on our Download Centre in ***/2022.  Until then, Windows 10/10s driver can be used, Windows Logo (WHCK) up to Windows 10/10s.
UE: Under Estimation
- : No support
*1: Please check regulary Fiery support site ( for updated information and/or updated drivers
*2: 32bits only is currently supported, 64bits support is under investigation
*3: This driver is included in Windows (inbox) and supports basic print functionalities
*4: This driver is based on Mini-driver technology and supports basic print functionalities
*5: EFGIS means English, French, German, Italian, Spanish languages, Non-EFGIS means all other European languages
*6: This driver is available on CD-ROM only, please contact your local supplier
*7: Use the Windows Server 2016 Driver, Windows Logo (WHCK or Authenticode) unchanged
*8: Original Windows Server 2016 driver will function properly, however if WSD is used to install your device, device information cannot be acquired.
*9: Explanation about WHCK, use existing drivers
*10: Standalone driver is no longer supported, replaced by UPD
*11: Existing drivers work fine, with some functional limitations

Download Center Release shows the first version supported on our Download Center
The products which are not listed above will not be supported